Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is September 28th 2011. It has been quite a while since my last post. While sitting at the library wasting time (not doing homework) that is, I logged into my blog once again to catch up on some old memories of good times. It is nice to see my photos and read what I had written and remember how I felt at that time. I would like to keep this blog going for myself. Since I am almost certain there is no longer anyone reading this blog I feel I am free to see this as a personal journal, Although for the one or two people bored enough to log in and read my blog I will try to keep the boring stuff at bay. So here is a catch up of everything that has happened since my postings from Haiti last summer. I have moved to Michigan from North Carolina In Jan of 2011. A couple of weeks later I got a job working at a store that sells all things baby! I am also going to school for massage therapy. I will be graduating in December and hope to get back into the cycling world as a massage therapist, possibly going on trips like the ones I have in the past. On July 16th 2011 (exactly a year to the day after getting engaged) I got married to my best friend. Married life is more wonderful than I had ever imagined and I am enjoying every day. Although I dont get to see my husband as much as I would like due to us both having very busy and conflicting schedules it is nice to come home to him at the end of the day. I am also missing my family very much. I get to see my parents in November as they will be stopping by on their way out west for Thanksgiving, and again in December when my husband and I will take a trip down south for the holidays. I am looking forward to that very much!!
Well, time to get my nose back in the books.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20th. Day 4 - Haiti

Getting anywhere in Haiti seems to be a time consuming process. the streets are busy and problems arise where they are least expected. We woke up early to make the journey to Isle De La Gonave. Got our bags packed, ate breakfast, then waited... and waited. Finally it was time to go. We go out to the truck to load up and not only do we have to fit 15 people in the back of the truck (with luggage) but it is already loaded with lumber! It was a tight squeeze but by Haitian standards... it was quite spacious! we drove to the end of the street, turned around, and when passing the house they informed us that a car would be going to the boat a little later and if anyone would like to wait to ride with them. James and I volunteered (of course) along with three others. (duhh... AC!!) After loading into the car (8 ppl plug luggage) we drove to the dock where the "Breezy Sea" was there to take us to the Island. From the mainland to the Island is only 12 miles, however it takes at least a few hours depending on the weather. After arriving on the island we drove to the Weslyan compound. The little kids were running after us screaming whatever they new in English. It was so sweet to hear them greet us the way the did, and it was so enthusiastic! the island has a different pace then Port Au Prince. Everything moves a bit slower and it is much more relaxed! please click the link for video and pics

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 19th. Day 3 - HAITI

Today our group of 15 split into 3 smaller groups. Some went on a long drive to try to retrieve a truckfull of building supplies that had been held up in customs for a long time.. some stayed at Carl and Mayas house to help them paint, and the rest of us went to a house built for one of the drivers for the missionaries, to paint. Joe, Tamara, Hannah, Brandon, Alicia, James and I all went, and aside from the heat had a great time! We then had to ride the "Tap-tap" back to the compound. The tap-tap is the local form of public transportation consisting of a small pick-up with a cover over the bed, benches, and as many people that are willing to squish in together. There were 19 in the one that we rode, but it was not uncommon to see people hanging off the sides and sitting on the roof. At one time we saw live goats hung by their legs off the side of one! After eating dinner, having devotional, chit-chatting and goofing around we went to bed . please click the following link for pics and video

Sunday, July 18. day 2 - HAITI

After eating breakfast and getting dressed we all loaded into the truck for the drive up the coast to the church. Once leaving the city it was a beautiful drive with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. We attended a very special service in which a new pastor was being introduced into the church. A very good meal of hatian food was served after the service. we then went back to the compound, had a time of praise and devotion, dinner then bed.
Please click the following link for pics and video

Saturday, July 17th. Day 1- HAITI

James and I left the house at about 2am to meet Lindsay in goldsboro so we all could ride to the airport together. We flew out of Charlotte Douglas so it was about a four hour drive. We had one layover in Fort Lauderdale FL. then straight to Port Au Prince, Haiti. The airport in Haiti was a bit hectic. Everything was rushed, the baggage claim was interesting to say the least, with people pushing and shoving and men trying to grab your bags to carry them for you so they could get a dollar for that service. After customs and baggage claim we went outside where we were taken to the vehicle (a caged in cattle truck) that would take us to the compound where we would be staying. Stepping into that world I have to admit I was scared. There were people everywhere yelling and screaming, and shoving. The roads were terrible with no order to them and hornes all around you. We hadent gone far when two or three little boys grabbed onto the back of the truck and begged for dollars. It was very sobering and sad to see. We were taken to the compound where Carl and Maya were hosting us, got our beds ready, showered, ate dinner, talked and went to sleep. The compound was an Oasis in the dessert (so to say) it had running water, toilets, showers, beds, and a generator giving us power . Please click the following link for pics and short video clips

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am having trouble uploading videos directly to blogspot, therefore I have uploaded them to youtube and included the link in this blog. The videos are viewable only by those who get it directly from this blog. please take a look!! simply click the link and it will take you directly to the vid!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


just a few of the chosen vehicles

the sign sais it all

this little guy wasnt even an inch long!!

A triple!!!

cornell university

takin a little swim to cool off

seneca lake, one of the finger lakes, in front of it, one of the many vinyards in that area

you see behing my tent?? showers!! they look small but they are amazing!!


mark twains grave
the big apple

james and i at henry fords mansion
niagra falls

day 1 of the Great Big Fany Ride (while it was still flat!!)

whew... anyone looking for a relaxing vacation ride, new york is not the place to go. As much fun as the Great Big Fany ride was, I think ill just take the next two weeks to recover. in all seriousness though i had a great time, and an exciting adventure.

I saw lots of hills, mountains, goats, vinyards, and waterfalls. what a pretty ride!!!!!! I also got to see niagara falls, watkens glenn, mark twains grave, canada, Henry Fords mansion, and of course, New York (although not the new york everyone thinks about) and of course meet another group of amazing, quirky, and very interesting people with great stories and adventures to tell.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

watkins glen, new york

we are now in watkins glen new york. nestled right up next to one of the "finger lakes". very challenging ride today and yesterday. there are lots of long steep hills. yesterday we went up lunda hill. the most challenging hill ive ever had. and today was a few at about the same grade but much shorter. this ride is only a week so we will be finished up by saturday and ill post some more pics then.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


it is now feburary 2009. its been 6 months since the big ride across america 08!!! what an experience!!! Although i want to do it again there are so many other rides and places to see that i cant do this one again..... at lease for a while. :) so my next big adventure..... well not big compared to last summer, but just as fun im sure. The great big Fany Ride.


James Crosby. a rider i met while cycling america will be going with me, and i will be using this blog the same way i did in the previous ride. although im not sure about the oportunities i will have to update, I will do my best, as I did before.

why am i doing this???
well its certainly not the saddle sore, cold nights in a tent, waking up early, pb&j, oatmeal, countless hills, or spandex pants i crave. its the air, the sights, the people you meet, the things you see that are so often missed while going 60 with the windows up. I love the conversation, and accomplishment as well.
originaly my next adventure was going to be the PALM, (pedal across lower michigan) but after missing the registration deadline, i thought to myself , "i have to ride somewhere Ive never been before" . Well...Ive never been to new york. tell me a better way to discover new places.


The Double H Ranch

please if you have time, visit to learn more about what they do to help improve the lives of cronically ill children by providing them a camp where they can get away and be a kid.


July 19-25
500 miles
starts in Niagra falls....500 miles later ends in Saratoga Springs
tents by night..bikes by day
a whole lot of butt butter

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hey everyone. so it has been a while since i last apologies to those of you who were using my blog to keep up with my progress. well....the ride is now over and although i am glad to be home and to see all my friends and family again i am very sad about leaving the big ride family as well. i feel kindov strange not waking up and getting right on the fact my first day home i did get back on the bike. people thought i was crazy but it just seemed like the natural thing to do!! all in all the ride was by far an adventure of a lifetime. some of the places i had seen and been i probly will never get a chance to go back, and the relationships that formed will alwase be special. i want to add some pictures from the last part of the ride that i was not able to access a computer, but that will have to wait for tomorrow since i forgot to grab my camera cord. i want to say to everyone that helped my with this journey and sponsored my and prayed for me....thank you, and to the big ride family.... i miss you!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

barb and jim.....again.....speechless
new ulm
one of the propellors for the windmills
i should deff be in bed right now and i really dont have any excuse to be on the computer.....but....figured id add some more pics instead of just wandering around. today was a good rest day, went and had a good breakfast, cleaned my bike, talked to my mom and my sister and matt on the phone, and went to a barbque with patty and kevin and james and pattys family who came to visit us.

Friday, July 18, 2008

perfect place to escape the sun
there was so much corn around all day we decided to just take a hike in a field

american white pelecan, there were several of them swimming on a lake we passed by this morning
WINDMILLS!!! made me feel like i was in bakersfield
laura ingalls. we went to two of her hometowns, desmet and walnut grove
the fog this morning

our last camp just before bed
the suns finally peeping through the clouds to give us some relief from the rain
very rainy morning i made poor james stop so i could run up the hill and get a pic.

Today was a good day followed by a good day. perfect weather all day, 86 miles, with a rest day to follow, great scenery and good dinner. yesterday we had our first experience on the big ride of riding in the rain. it was a little annoying at first then i decided that i was gonna get wet anywase so i might as well just go. we ended up having a lot of fun. riding in the rain isnt that bad as long as its not too cold and windy, this was just enough rain to ensure cool weather all day although it did brighten up enough to dry us out which was very good. now i am in the martin luther lutherin college in New Ulm minnesota. im having a great time and really enjoying the company of some great people although i miss matt and my family so much. well, think im gonna make some phone calls and go to bed!